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This is a commercial video, which I made for a little publishing house of my friends, which specializes in children-psychology. This video is often shown on presentations and seminars, where other psychology related companies gather. This video includes a cartoon and a slide-show.

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You are looking at our sensation... a cartoon. It's about young friends, who saw John Lennon on a video and decided, that usual life is nothing else, but a waste of time and turned to hippie to travel around the world and spread the ideas of freedom and love. During their adventure they understand something important and have fun of course...

The project has just started and if you are interested you are welcome to help.

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Here we have a 'huge' =) archive of sites we created. Some of them are active and functioning, though some are just an example of the design.

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Black humor at school. Inspector Barishev has found his brother dead and is looking for a revenge. Absolutely not serious movie we were trying to capture at school just for fun.

The movie is just in Russian now. It is not finnished as well and seems like it is not going to be...However 9 minutes it has now are enough to enjoy =).

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Old stuff include 2 videos which I've made earlier and I've started to train my director's skills with them. And ya know inspite they are grouped here they are quite important ones especially Schoolparty.

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Laguna Loire's way is a tribute to ff8 and the best president of the world! It covers all episodes with Laguna and makes a complete story of his life. To save the atmosphere of the game It was decided to keep original soundtrack instead of progressive punk rock ;).

I really wanted to show Laguna's attitude to the things, which I find great! His way of living, taking everything easy, having fun, and being a strong kind keen man...

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